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Manage contact lists, send messages and initiate video calls in the specialized communications suite featuring desktop sharing and live streaming along with file transfer options protected with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. Conference calls are available.

VSee is a conference tool that supports both text chat and video calls. Since it allows simultaneous communication among a group of people, it is ideal for online collaboration. The tool is easy to install, but, before you can use it, you should create an account on their servers. The application automatically creates a list of contacts based on their email address domain. Should you want to speak with other users who are not on the list, you can easily search their names and add them to your contacts. After that, making a call is as easy as double-clicking the name of the person. However, bear in mind that you can communicate with other VSee users only.

The greatest advantage of VSee is that it requires very low bandwidth, which allows it to provide excellent audio and video quality even when the conditions are not ideal. However, a multi-user conference definitely demands much more connectivity. By the way, this service supports video conferences of up to 12 simultaneous participants.

Another important advantage results from all the types of collaboration features it supports. In this regard, it allows desktop sharing, file transfers and remote camera control. Besides, on screen-sharing mode, you can make annotations or highlight parts of documents that have been opened by your remote partners.

All in all, VSee has been fairly selected as the official HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software to be used in telemedicine. Although the client software is free, there are four different plans for this service. Fortunately, you can use it at no cost for everyday communication with almost no restrictions. Other plans are Plus, Pro and Telemedicine, which differ in the number of features and prices. Special mention is deserved by the Telemedicine plan, which supports multiple cameras, medical device streaming and remote camera control.

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  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Multiple collaboration features
  • Video conferences with up to 12 participants


  • Communication with other VSee users only
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